The Rove-Gillespie Economic Record

In their silly new $20 million ad campaign, the twin architects of the Bush economic policy put up some statistics on President Obama’s record.

Jan-09 Today Change
Unemployment 7.3% 9.1% 25%
National Debt $10.6 Trillion $14.3 Trillion 35%
Price of Gas $1.83 $3.74 84%

Interesting way to look at this. Using the same measurement, here is the Rove-Gillespie-Bush record.

Jan-01 Jan-09 Change
Unemployment 4.2% 7.3% 74%
National Debt $5.7 Trillion $10.6 Trillion 86%
Price of Gas $1.46 $1.83 25%

So the increase in unemployment rate under Rove-Gillespie was triple that of President Obama .The rate of increase in national debt was more than double under Rove and Gillespie. Gas prices also went up. Of course, if you use July of 2008 as a measure, gas prices increased 178% under Rove-Gillespie, going from $1.46 to $4.06. They have fallen by 8% since July 2008. President Obama has served as President during most of that time. Funny how that Bush played no role when gas spiked to over $4/gallon and Obama is solely responsible in the Republican mind when gas prices reach a similar level.


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