Virginia Voters Prove Far Smarter than Members of Congress

On the two issues most pressing in the United States Congress – the mindless across the board spending cuts that they call the “sequester” to confuse us, and keeping people safer from guns, voters in Virginia exhibit far more common sense than some of the people who represent them.

On the mindless cuts:

Almost half — 49% — think these cuts will mostly hurt the economy. 18% think the across-the-board cuts will help the economy, and 26% think they will have no impact. Eight percent are unsure.

On gun violence:

55% of Virginia residents think laws covering the sale of firearms should be stricter than they are now. Six percent say they should be less strict while 36% think they should be kept as they are. Three percent are unsure.

So what does Congress do – make it easier for them to fly home while doing nothing for people like kids in Head Start, and failing to pass a bipartisan measure to perform background checks on people buying guns. (Kudos to Tim Kaine and Mark Warner for voting for background checks).

There is a false perception that politicians just stick their finger in the air and vote the way polls tell them. If only that would be the case, the country would be far better off than it currently is.


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