Another Meaningless Virginia Poll

I just got a tweet about a new poll in Virginia showing Terry McAuliffe with a 5 point lead over Ken Cuccinelli. A five point difference actually means something since the poll has a margin of error of only 2.7 points. Good news considering the dispiriting (from my point of view) Washington Post results last week. However, this poll sheds no light on who is ahead and who is not.

Among the 1286 interviewed, McAuliffe leads 43%-38%. OK. Great. However, this was asked to the universe of registered voters. Assuming it is accurate of registered voters, since only 40% of them are going to show up, who leads among real voters? I have no idea and neither does Quinnipiac.

It is good that there is more data out there challenging the existing “Terry is losing!!!!” narrative but that is all this poll is good for. Nothing else.


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